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Air industry currently has several features
(A) of the domestic air industry, the lack of large-scale enterprises, in addition to several medium-sized enterprises, the overwhelming majority of small businesses. A considerable number of small businesses are increasingly differentiated by a number of old enterprises derived,

And Wuxi in Jiangsu, Zhejiang Fenghua, Zhaoqing, and several other cities formed a dense distribution of several companies, only the number of businesses in several areas on the industry-wide for more than two-thirds of the number of firms,

It also reflects the initial stage of market economy characteristics of the industry. In these regional groups within the enterprise, such as the system can be set up specialized division of labor, avoid duplication and low product prices

Lattice cut-throat competition, will benefit and common development; the other hand, not only conducive to the development, will also be part of the company was out.
(B) the scale of foreign-funded enterprises will be "Home on the latecomers." Currently foreign companies and Taiwan companies set up in China's investment in the factory air, far exceeding the total investment of domestic air industry

Information scale, and this gap still further momentum. Advanced foreign technology and management and relatively low-cost combination of domestic production will have a new advantage. The output value of foreign-funded enterprises is not expected to

Years will exceed domestic enterprises, and a considerable part of the product will be exported. This also indicates that China's manufacturing base to become an international trend of pneumatic products and may.
(C) domestic air industry, there are "bad better not eliminated, the coexistence of good and bad yet" phenomenon. The level of quality of domestic products is lagging behind many enterprises, and international and domestic advanced enterprise

And products in the market, "competing against" but "no problem at all", "joint development", which is currently China's air market is a feature of Cautious, but also some enterprises are not eager to change

Objective reasons. After all, this situation is difficult to maintain long-term, the market will ultimately ruthless hand of a lack of viable businesses and products off the competitive stage. Of course, according to market demand and business, building

Establish complementary relationship between products at different levels, under the premise of ensuring the quality of the production of simple low-tech products, but also with high quality products and the enterprise development are two concepts.
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