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China's air industry, Development and Prospects
I. Overview

Pneumatic drive and control technology as an important modern technology has broad application and development prospects. China's air industry is a sunrise industry, along with the modernization process, pneumatic technology field is expanding rapidly. In recent years, various Chinese and foreign manufacturers and operators pneumatic springing up rapidly, domestic and imported pneumatic products with annual sales in China has exceeded 2 billion yuan.

Pneumatic industrial development of China's late start, the starting point is low, in the development process focused on the lack of state investment, and basic industries by the state level and the limited level of related industries, have undergone a long period of low, slow process of development closed . Into the nineties, along with the country opening up and modernization accelerated, pneumatic technology applications gradually increased, and more and more exposed to foreign counterparts, advanced products and technologies, rapid development of the industry to go into stage. After 30 years of development, the Chinese air industry has achieved substantial progress, but still a small industry, in terms of production scale or technical level, still can not meet rising market demand and modernization requirements, and the international advanced level gap is also very poor.

The country's reform and opening up and modernization construction, promoted the rapid development of pneumatic industry; international peer attention and investment has increased the aerodynamic field of technology development and market competition intensity.

For China's air industry and businesses, into the 21st century, it means moving into a more open, more international, more full of challenges and opportunities, manage risk and more accompanied by a new period of hope and success. Policies after accession to WTO and opening up and liberalization of the market is bound to China's air industry and air markets and significant changes in the new structure, the whole industry, each enterprise will be faced with "survival of the fittest" and the "re-shuffling" of a severe test. After 5 years -10 years -15 years -20 years, China's air industry will be developed into what the situation? We can come to assumptions and forecasts.

Second, a brief history of the industry product development

In China, the pneumatic components as commodity production and sales, in 60 years began in the late 20th century. Earlier in the automotive, tractor and other production lines or other equipment, using simple pneumatic components or systems, multi-designed and manufactured by the use of plants.

June 1967, for the first time in Beijing attended by a few units of pneumatic professional meetings, with the focus on the second line of auto manufacturers supporting the pneumatic components, casting and forging machinery set up in Jinan, Shanghai Electrical and Mechanical Product Design hospital as the main body of the two research groups have developed a solenoid valve and gas source processing elements and other products. To the late 60s, own development and production of pneumatic components only 16 varieties, more than 80 specifications.

In 1975, Guangdong Zhaoqing held the first national professional meetings pneumatic technology, set up jointly by the research institutes and factories to participate in the joint design of the four groups, organized a valve, flow valve, cylinder, pneumatic logic elements and a number of development of new products, and to determine the pneumatic components of development planning and to train them. By 1978, to pneumatic components increased to 61 varieties and 256 specifications.

"Plan" period, the pneumatic components to be included in the national 38 key scientific and technological content, machine-building factories and scientific research units and development contract signed 119 new products, scientific research project 10. Developed the aluminum cylinder, with valve cylinder, three five-pass coaxial closed-type valve, solenoid pilot valve products. In 1982, China's first pneumatic components factory from Shanghai to West Germany HERION company introduced air source treatment components, machine control valve, electric valve, multi-media valves and other 4 groups of 19 species, 96 specifications Pneumatic products and manufacturing technology.

"Plan" period, the pneumatic components have been included in the national "50 Long," and the 76 key scientific and technological programs, Wuxi Institute of Technology and part of the enterprise pneumatic undertaken 18 national research projects, has developed a precision filter, Precision valve, secondary atomization, automatic drainage device, without lubrication solenoid valve, NC positioning cylinder, freeze-drying machine, swing cylinder, double rod cylinder 73 such series of new products. During this period, pneumatic components Zhaoqing Sun Iron Works Factory Co., Ltd. of Japan introduced to the oil-free cylinder 7 varieties, 34 specifications; pneumatic components factory in Yantai West Germany LEIBFRIED company introduced ISO Standard Cylinder 8 varieties, 90 specifications; Pneumatic Components Factory Wuxi CKD Corporation of Japan introduced AB and AG series multi-purpose electromagnetic valve 4 varieties, 62 specifications; Dalian Machine Tool Institute of pneumatic components factory the company introduced ISO standards Germany MARTONAIR cylinder, pneumatic valves and pneumatic module 4 groups and 9 varieties and 284 specifications. The end of 1990, the development of pneumatic components to more than 450 varieties, more than 1930 specifications.

"Eighth Five-Year" period, from the pneumatic Wuxi Institute of Technology, Shanghai aerodynamic package company, Fuxin pneumatic components factory units do not take a coaxial fuel supply cut-off type electric valve, refrigerated compressed air dryers, modular gas source processing equipment, high-frequency electromagnetic valve, low-power electromagnetic valve 7 national key technology development projects. Jinan, Zhaoqing, Yantai, Wuxi, Jiangdu, Changchun, a micro-enterprise development pneumatic cylinder, m-type cylinder, large diameter coaxial-type cut-off valve, air source treatment combination of secure documents, automatic reciprocating cylinder, cylinder vibration, pneumatic shock vibration, train special air control valve, pneumatic folder, out of rotary cylinder, 80m3/min and 100m3/min freeze dryer and other new products. Jinan Huaneng Pneumatic Components, Inc. introduced the Sun Iron Works Co., Ltd., Japan SR series of small low-power non-oil solenoid valve, and the German MSM company Chase Drive solenoid valve products and manufacturing technology. To the end of 1993, China is about 1080 varieties of pneumatic products, specifications for the 4730 (not including fittings 141 varieties, 940 specifications).

"Ninth Five-Year", the State issued only two items, the company generally increased according to their new product development efforts. Such as: the development of the elliptical cylinder cylinder, parallel twin rod cylinder, multi-stage telescopic cylinder, new gas-liquid damping cylinder, energy booster cylinder, cylinder vibration, new clamping cylinder, air-controlled pilot valve, low-power solenoid valves, gas-electric converters, valve islands, etc. General Products; and automotive exhaust systems, environmental protection, automobile fuel systems, electric locomotive pantograph lifting gas control system, automotive air brake control solenoid valve, solenoid valve high-speed train spray grease, textile and printing high-frequency electromagnetic valve, railways, petrochemicals, non-ferrous metals industry, some industry-specific special cylinders and other products. Research Institute and some enterprises are still pneumatic machinery and pneumatic mechatronic applications, automation project development to achieve a breakthrough. The end of 1998, pneumatic components, about 1,350 varieties and specifications about over 8000 (unless otherwise fittings 180 varieties, 1200 specifications). The end of 2000, more than 1480 varieties of species, size up to tens of thousands.

The development of pneumatic components made through a joint design, technology introduction and product development has three stages, six of the last century, the joint design of products seventies basically been eliminated; the introduction of products, some have been eliminated, there has been improvement. The current dominant domestic product in addition to being the introduction of modified products, mostly since the late nineties of the last century the development of products, the level of some products up to international level early 90s.

Technology and management in the industry focal point, since the early 70s, has by the Jinan Casting and Forging Machinery Institute and the Ministry of Machinery Beijing Institute of Automation under the jurisdiction of the heavy workload over the work of pneumatic technology; in November 1983, approved by the State Ministry of Machinery Industry, the official established focal point of pneumatic industry technology - pneumatic Wuxi Institute of Technology, is responsible for air industry Di planning, intelligence, standards, research, pilot, quality supervision, training and other Gongzuo; In 1987 the Ministry of Industry Machinery Pneumatic Yuanjian product quality Supervision and Inspection Center and Sino-foreign cooperation in air technical training center in 1989, established the China Association of Hydraulic Pneumatic Seals Pneumatic professional chapter of the National Standardization Technical Committee pneumatic pressure hydraulic transmission and control sub-technical committee was established in early 1999, "Air China" industry website.

Third, industry Analysis

After 30 years of development, especially after the reform and opening up the past ten years of rapid development, China's air industry has made substantial progress. Around the country are kinds of pneumatic components manufacturer more than 400, the industry's GDP is about 1.3 billion years, about more than 1700 varieties of pneumatic products, more than 11,000 specifications, part of the company's products have been exported, with exports 4000 million yuan.

1, the development of the domestic air industry in good shape

In recent years, the domestic air industry, the overall good momentum of development, the product level, quality and variety, scale is accelerating to improve, expand, in technology development, process improvement, Zhuangbeigaizao made such remarkable progress, participate in international competition capacity has gradually improved the overall development of the industry showed prosperous situation.

2, foreign-funded enterprises to increase the pace of mainland China

Internationally known companies have in Air China to establish and expand their business sector, some companies still invest and build factories in China. Such as: Japan, SMC Corporation and CKD company FESTO Corporation and Robert Bosch GmbH of Germany, Italy, Kang Maosheng companies, U.S. companies are all in China, Parker established a large and small manufacturing plant. Which, SMC Corporation invested 300 million U.S. dollars in the Beijing established a "SMC (China) Limited", AirTAC factory in Guangzhou, also in Zhejiang Fenghua investment 50 million U.S. dollars to establish a "limited Ningboyade customer automation industry the company. " With foreign investment in China plant size, volume and market share of such development, so that the organizational structure of our air industry and the market structure changed significantly.

3, a weak link in China's air industry

First, poor overall basis, most enterprises lack competitiveness. Industry-wide production of more than 85% of small-scale, most of the annual output value of less than 300 million product level, equipment condition, process tools, the development tendency became more obvious lack of ability, many companies have not yet shaken off the "small but complete", "artisanal" production mode of operation. Particularly low level of similar products over competition, resulting in a price war would harm the interests of business with each other. Therefore, pneumatic industry in recent years despite rapid sales growth, but the overall quality and efficiency of economic operations in poor condition, limiting the improvement of enterprise competitiveness.

Second, products, product demand and market system, there is a big structural problems. China's air market is large, the user of the product requirements vary, all kinds of high quality, high-performance pneumatic components market in great demand. Most of the products offered by domestic enterprises, both in the types or grades are still far from meeting those needs. Therefore, among the low-end prices down competition, had to let out a huge market to foreign products. This indicates that the demand for variety in the market before the domestic air industry, the structural surplus of existing products and the structural shortage of two contradictions co-exist; also shows the diversity of our products, levels of distribution and market adaptability, urgent need to adjust and improve.

Third, enterprises in product updates, equipment and other aspects of transformation of a lack of investment. At present, most enterprises lack of pneumatic products and carry out major renovation and equipment capacity, high-tech products and specialized manufacturing and testing equipment, system development and especially the lack of investment capacity, thus limiting the development of enterprises in the high-tech products achieved a major breakthrough, to shorten the gap with the international advanced level impact. Of course, invested just a basic condition, there must be technical, personnel and other aspects of security Caixing.

4, the Chinese air industry has several characteristics of the current

(1) the lack of domestic air industry, large enterprises, in addition to several medium-sized enterprises, the overwhelming majority of small businesses. A considerable number of small businesses are increasingly differentiated by a number of old enterprises derived, and Wuxi in Jiangsu Province, Fenghua, Zhejiang, Guangdong Zhaoqing, and several other cities formed a dense distribution of several companies, only the number of businesses in several areas on the industry-wide more than two-thirds of the number of firms, it also reflects the initial stage of market economy characteristics of the industry. In these regional groups within the enterprise, such as the system can be set up specialized division of labor, avoid duplication and low product prices vicious competition, will benefit and common development; the other hand, is not conducive to development, will also be part of the business was out.

(2) privatization of the industry's basic. At the national reform policies, driven by 90 years since the 20th century, since the original batch of state-owned air industry or collective ownership, the majority of reforms have been transformed into private joint-stock enterprises. At present the industry's two largest state-owned enterprises - Jinan Huaneng Pneumatic Components Company and Guangdong Zhaoqing side large pneumatic Co., Ltd., are also being restructured in. Therefore, China's air industry, with the exception of specific enterprises, the basic privatization.

(3) the scale of foreign-funded enterprises will be "Home on the latecomers." Currently foreign companies and Taiwan companies set up in China's investment in the factory air, far exceeding the total investment in the domestic air industry, size, and this gap still further momentum. Advanced foreign technology and management and relatively low-cost combination of domestic production will have a new advantage. Expected value of foreign-funded enterprises will soon exceed domestic enterprises, and a considerable part of products will be exported. This also indicates that China's manufacturing base to become an international trend of pneumatic products and may.

(4) domestic air industry, there are "bad better not eliminated, the coexistence of good and bad yet" phenomenon. The level of quality of domestic products is lagging behind many enterprises, and international and domestic advanced enterprises and products in the market, "same stage," but "live in peace", "joint development", which is currently China's air market is also glad to have a feature of concern is some companies are not eager to change the objective reasons. After all, this situation is difficult to maintain long-term, the market will ultimately ruthless hand of a lack of viable businesses and products off the competitive stage. Of course, according to market demand with enterprise, the establishment of relations between different levels of complementary products, under the premise of ensuring the quality of the production of simple low-tech products, but also with high quality products and the enterprise development are two concepts.

Fourth, the early 21st century the development of air industry outlook

Entering the 21st century, the face of economic globalization, competition, international background, China's air industry and all enterprises are facing new development opportunities and severe challenges. From the beginning of this century, 10-20 years, will be the rapid development of China's air industry, and constantly adjusting, undergoing profound changes, the formation of a new pattern period.

1, the future prospects of the Chinese air market, a good

Air China huge market potential is very full, with the technical level of China's industries and raise the level of equipment, as well as the introduction of production lines and automated equipment to increase, by 2020, China pneumatic products in the market demand will continue to grow . Large enterprises such as air industry can seize the opportunity to identify the location, take a good path, when to seek greater development. 2010, gross output value of China's mainland pneumatic products (including foreign-funded enterprises) will reach 50 billion yuan, annual average growth rate of about 15%.

With the performance of pneumatic components to improve the quality of domestic and obvious price advantage, the export volume of the next few years should also be increased greatly. Expected after five years, the value of domestic exports of pneumatic components from 033 million yuan in 2002, increased to more than 100 million yuan, annual growth rate of about 25%.

2, China's air industry is facing with the international standards

China's air industry in the 20th century through the mid-80s before the initial stage, and before the turn of the century the growth stage, as China joins the WTO, now is entered a new stage of development - and the international integration phase. WTO will promote the production of the whole process from a business, a group within a country, to the globalization of production and transformation of the international division of work. Air enterprises in China with international standards is expected to actively use domestic and foreign resources and markets, collaboration in the international division of labor and access to new opportunities for development.

The next ten years, will be China's air industry to meet the requirements of international standards and to adjust the period of change. Result of changes in adjustment: there must be a number of enterprises to grow, as air market, "hero" or even "giant", a small number of these enterprises are a certain strength, size and brand advantages of large, medium-sized enterprises (including foreign-funded enterprises ); are certainly a number of enterprises due to lack of response capabilities, the product can hardly be accepted by the market, difficult life was out of "out"; there are a large number of small and medium enterprises, will face "role adjustment" or "diverted," most of the production components Enterprise will eventually playing from "leading role" to play to their strong points of the "supporting cast" - a collaborative medium and large enterprises supporting plant or satellite plants, or as some of the characteristics of professional products and accessories manufacturer, and so on. In the course of these changes may also be accompanied by corporate mergers, stock and asset restructuring, and even cross-border mergers and acquisitions and other major adjustments.

3, China's air industry, the early 21st century the most significant adjustments and changes

- From "domestic competition, international, international competition, domestic" to "business-oriented globalization, international and domestic integration"; - Enterprise positioning point: to become the "leading role", or we need a good "supporting role"; product and enterprise development, we must identify the direction, strengths to take the specialized production, the scale of operation of the road; - not the quality of products and companies will not survive, well-known and reputable "brand" is the user choice; - through "structural readjustment, operating a large change, the market big selection", the advantages of enterprise rise, demise of inferior enterprises to shift or reorganization; - the world's leading air companies to increase investment in China, the manufacturing plant move to China, and China is expected to become important "pneumatic products manufacturing base"; domestic large pneumatic components manufacturing plant may become a "satellite plants" or accessories professional manufacturer, and may build synergies from the world's important "pneumatic fittings manufacturing and export base ", and so on ... ... these will be the development of China's air industry interpretation of reality, but also the early 21st century will be the most significant adjustment pneumatic industry changes.

4, is expected to accelerate the development of our pneumatic technology

Pneumatic components and the current trend of technological development is: lighter, mini, modular, intelligent, no to oil, combination of integrated, mechatronics, system integration technology, environmental protection, energy saving, and low power consumption, low noise , high accuracy, high speed, high response, high reliability, high life, high safety; focus on new materials, new technology, comprehensive application of new technologies; in mechanical and electrical systems and equipment combined, the outstanding aerodynamic technology and optoelectronics, information, control The combination of latest technology applications. In this regard, the domestic air business under its own conditions and market demand, develop a focused selection of objects, accelerate the pace of technology and international standards.

With the rolling, drawing, casting, machining, cleaning deburring, assembly and testing technologies to improve the level, the appearance and pneumatic components will continue to increase quality, and the international advanced level will be reduced. Industrial ceramics, high-performance soft magnet, plastic materials, new applications of new materials, more and more, will promote the domestic component of the performance, quality further improved. 2010 years ago, the domestic backbone enterprises in the quality of products, is expected to reach the level of international 20th century.

Industry in general and implementing the ISO9000 quality standard based on the will actively implement the ISO14000 and ISO18000 environmental standards, safety standards, the enterprise management system more robust, more advanced, to meet with international standards requirements.

5, Prospect of China's fourth stage of aerodynamic development of the industry (estimated at 15-20 years after 2015-2020).

This phase is expected to be relatively stable development of the industry and maturity. Group by established foreign enterprises continued to play their own professional expertise and market advantage, the industry is relatively slow to adjust the intensity of change; enterprises face domestic or international markets, limits have been weakened; in the context of international adjustment of business strategy, and further optimize product structure, into the international market, participate in the international division of labor, cooperation and competition, there can be and change during this period the focus of business.

China's air industry is dynamic and promising industry, but also a very competitive and full of changes in the industry. China's air industry, stage and main character is not only are domestic enterprises, China's air market, can belong to the world, the world's air market can also be part of China.
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